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Online Waiver

Every person (adults and children) entering the gym must have a completed waiver on file in our system. Adults, Parents and Guardians can enter their information below to begin. Minors must be added to their Parents or Guardians waiver at time of completion.

FlipNFun Gymnastics is a gymnastics, rock climbing, tumbling, and other indoor recreational activities facility that involves INHERENTLY RISKY RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY THAT MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH OR PARALYSIS. Participate at YOUR OWN RISK. BY SIGNING BELOW, I, individually, as Parent/Guardian, Participant, and on behalf of each Child named above (hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Participants”) acknowledge reading, understanding, and accepting the terms and conditions of participation provided herein. I further acknowledge that, FlipNFun will not make its facility available for use unless Participants are willing and agree to assume all risks of participation and Participants assume full responsibility for any known or unknown injuries to any Participants that may result from participation and use of FlipNFun facilities as provided below. AGREEMENT TO PARTICIPATE AND LIABILITY WAIVER – Participants understand gymnastics, tumbling, rock climbing, rope climbing, climbing, summer camp(s), camps, open play, birthday parties, and all other recreational activities involving the use of FlipNFun facilities involve risk and possible injury, including but not limited to paralysis, death, emotional distress, or damage to myself, other Participants herein, to property, or to third parties. Participants understand that it is Participants’ responsibility as an adult participant or parent/guardian not to participate or allow participation of a Child Participant if there are any physical, emotional, and behavioral or other problems that might compromise safe involvement. Participants understand that Yoma Sports Co., LLC, Yoma Sports Co., LLC d/b/a FlipNFun Gymnastics, its staff, owners, facility, and equipment owners, and other related parties (hereinafter referred to collectively as “FlipNFun”) do not carry medical insurance for participants and forever release FlipNFun from the responsibility or liability for insurance deductibles, medical expenses, and/or property or any other damages of any kind, including injuries to person, incurred by my child, myself, or other Participants listed above while participating in any activities or presence at FlipNFun, and/or while engaging in the use of FlipNFun facilities as defined below. I, individually and for and on behalf of Participants, further expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all the risks existing from, arising out of, or that are associated in any with any one or more Participant’s use of FlipNFun facilities. As used throughout this Agreement, the term “use of FlipNFun facilities” includes but is not necessarily limited to participating in any recreational activity or presence at FlipNFun, participating in gymnastics, tumbling, climbing, rock climbing, use of any equipment at FlipNFun’s location, camps, summer camps, open play, birthday parties, parties, and all other recreational activities or presence at FlipNFun. My participation or my child’s participation in this activity is purely voluntary. I, individually and on behalf of Participants, hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify FlipNFun from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of action, known or unknown personal injuries, paralysis, or death which are caused by, related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with my participation or my child’s participation in this activity and/or any Participant’s use of FlipNFun facilities including any liability, claims, demands, and/or actions allegedly attributable to the negligent acts or omissions of FlipNFun. Each Parent/Guardian is solely responsible for supervising their child Participant at all times. ARBITRATION- Any dispute, disagreement, or damages claims of any kind related to or arising out of this Agreement or use of FlipNFun facilities shall be resolved in Arbitration, in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The prevailing party in arbitration shall be entitled to recover arbitration costs, plus reasonable attorney fees and costs. The arbitration shall be in Georgia, Hall County. The arbitrator (single panel member/arbitrator) shall apply the laws of Georgia in any dispute. By signing this document, Participants acknowledge that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged during any one or more Participant’s use of FlipNFun facilities, Participants may be found, by an arbitrator or court, to have waived Participant’s’ right to maintain a lawsuit, arbitration, or claim against FlipNFun on the basis of any claim from which I have released them herein. PHOTOGRAPHS- I further consent to FlipNFun using any photographs of Participant(s) while using FlipNFun facilities for marketing and sales purposes, provided that my child’s and other Participant’s name shall not be included in the publications
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